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Chain Grate Furnace

Chain Grate Furnace is a kind of stove that the fuel combustion flue gas of the high temperature mix with a certain amount of cold air ,
and is discharged out of the outlet of the furnace with a certain temperature, wind pressure and flow rate through sedimentation and dusting,
 then is sent to all sorts of dryers via pipeline to achieve the material drying or heating. Chain Grate Furnace directly warms dried material 
without heat exchanger, heat transfer, hot air , reaching the maximum thermal efficiency .

Chain Grate Furnace comprises a combustion furnace and the coal conveyor, slag remover, blowers and other auxiliary equipment. 
After the coal is burning, the flue gas directly discharges from the rear of the burner, entering into the subsequent drying equipment. 
As flue gas of the coal combustion  will carry large amounts of soot particles, therefore, this type of stove can only be applied to dry those products
 which has a low demand of the cleanness degree for hot air, such as fertilizer, cement, sand, coal, sludge and so on. For those products 
requiring a relatively high cleanliness for the hot air , while allowing a small amount of dust impurities, we can only choose indirect coal-fired stove, but the indirect coal-fired stove has not only complex structure, high manufacturing costs, expensive cost, also has low thermal efficiency, high energy consumption.
Aimed at the limitations of conventional directly coal-fired stove and indirect coal-fired stove,  our company developed a type of the clean directly coal-fired stove.

Furnace, coal conveyor, slag remover, blowers, reduction box, high-temperature multi-stage flue gas purification chamber, powerful emptying fans, exhaust pipe, rapid high-temperature gate valve, matching damper, cleaning doors.

The superiority of the equipment
1. hot air has a high clean degree to meet the necessary requirements of the craft; ※ easy to adjust the temperature of hot air,
 you can conduct arbitrary temperature regulation below800 ℃; 
2. equipment use has a high safety, no danger of explosion, without registration and management of the technical supervision departments;
3. Adopt the direct heating method, the heat stove efficiency can be increased by 20% compared with indirect type hot blast stove ,
the power consumption reduces 80% , and the energy saving effect is particularly evident; 
4. The equipment  has a strong durability, easy operation, easy maintenance, there is no the problem that difficult to clean dust and easy to be damaged compared with indirect hot blast stove.
Configuring a strong emptying fan and air flue to make it easier and more efficient for ovens starting and emergency evacuation .

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