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Fluidized-Bed Furnace

Fluidized-Bed Furnace , its combustion mode is that the raw material fuel  crushed into 1 ~ 3mm particles ,and is sent into combustion chamber uniform by the fan, then enters the furnace 
via high pressure air of the fan under the furnace and numerous caps holes on air distributor through isobaric bellows, scattered wind aggregates "cushion" to hold fuel and burden with the form of fluidization boiling combustion, biomass somersaults , friction, collision and cleavage at high temperature state, until burnout so far. This combustion has the following traits: the air has a big contact area with the fuel, high relative velocity, fuel stays a long time in the fluidized bed, high burning speed, thus achieving energy saving purposes. 

Fluidized-Bed Furnace can be used for the supply heat of the following equipments: rotary dryer, vertical dryer, hammer dryers, indirect dryers, mini slag powder production line, Air-Swept Coal Mill  or pulverized coal vertical mill, fertilizer granulator and so on, and can be widely used in drying and roasting of industrial raw materials or products, such as: slag, clay, coal, carbide slag, fertilizer, industrial gypsum board, iron powder, sulfur ore, laterite ore , siderite, zinc leaching slag and so on.
1, wide fuel adaptation. The calorific value of the combustible coal is more than coal of 6270KJ / Kg ,  various bituminous coal(1500Kcal / Kg), anthracite, lignite, wood, and even gangue and so on.
2.the furnace temperature is at about 1000 ℃, exit temperature of the furnace is about 850 ℃,has uniform operating temperature and stable heating. 
3.It has high combustion efficiency, burnout rate of fuel reachs above 99%, the thermal efficiency rate reaches above 95%, carbon content of the ash is less than 0.5%, is not easy to coke, has good activity, and wide range of applications.
4.It' easy to ignite, has a long banking-up time, and intermittent banking-up time can reach up to 5 to 8 hours, and then start damping down the fire without re-ignition.
 5. The outlet temperature of hot flue gas can be adjusted, it's convenient and flexible at heating flue pipe outlet . 
6. clean burning and low NOX content in the flue gas make furnace desulfurization can be achieved, so that coal sulfur enters into the slag in solid form.
 7. the system can achieve automatic PLC control, has low labor intensity. 
8. furnace has a long service life, less wearing parts, low maintenance funds.

Technical Parameters of Fluidized-Bed Furnace
Model DLFBF300 DLFBF500 DLFBF700 DLFBF1000 DLFBF1500 DLFBF2000 DLFBF3000
load capacity(10,000kcal /hour) 300-
supply air temperature(℃) 300-800 500-1100
machine motor power (kw) 35.0 50.0 68.5 78.0 92.0 125.0 165.5

Fluidized-Bed Furnace used to rotary dryer:

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