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Sand Dryer Machine

 Sand dryer machine is one kind of large capacity rotary dryer. Because of our sand dryer reliable operation, large elasticity of 
operation, strong adaptability, large capacity, widely used in building material, metallurgy, food, chemical, coal, medicine in the mining
 industry. This type dryer generally adapted to granular materials,also can be used to drying the mixed material in the sticky paste material
 or material with high moisture content. 
         This sand dryer is very suitable to drying sand, such as quartz sand,silica sand,rive sand and other sand. Sand dryer or sand rotary 
dryer has the advantage of large capacity, wide applicable range, small flow resistance, operation is allowed on the wide range and 
convenient operation, etc.
Sand rotary dryer structure and the working principle:
The sand dryer main part:
 1. Dryer body,    2.rolling ring,     3. Ring gear,     4. Roller,    5 .small ring gear,     6.discharging part     7.lifting plate, 
  8.motor and reduce speed machine,                   9.Feed chute,                               10. furnace and other part. 
We are also can with customer’s need design coal gasifier,Combustion chamber, conveyor equipment,feeding machine,dust catacher,
fan and other machine.
Working principle of sand dryer :
        The sand transport into the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator,And then through the hopper feeder and loading pipes into 
the feed end .The feeding pipe slope is bigger than the natural inclination of sand , so that the sand can easy into the dryer.The rotary 
dryer is a horizontal line slightly tilted to the rotation of the cylinder.Feeding the material from higher part. 
         The material from the higher end put into dryer, hot air can from the same direction or different direction into dryer. With the turning 
of dryer the material moving to the lower end,the slowly moving process is drying process, at the same time the wet sand full contact hot 
air and evaporation water, when the drying process finished used the belt conveyor transport out. 
         On the walls of sand dryer body is equipped with lifting plate,they are used to lifting the sand and dispersion to make the sand fully 
contact with hot air, improve the drying effect and promote the material advance.

Technical Parameters of Sand Dryer Machine:

model Capacity( t/h) Moisture after drying Fuel consumption
motor Weight( ton)
Φ 623 3-5 <0.5% 4-6 4.4×2 3
Φ 625 5-8 <0.5% 4-6 5.5×2 5
Φ 6210 8-12 <0.5% 6-8 7.5×2 10
Φ 6215 12-18 <0.5% 6-8 11×2 16
Φ 6220 18-22 <0.5% 8-10 15×2 22
Φ 6225 22-28 <0.5% 8-10 22×2 26
Φ 6230 28-32 <1% 8-10 30×2 30
Φ 6235 32-38 <1% 12-15 37×2 36
Φ 6240 38-41 <1% 12-15 55×2 42

Sand Dryer system flow chart:

Sand Dryer system Working Site:

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