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Wood chip granulating production line

一.Dryer Application:
Three cylinder rotary dryer according to the markets' needs, which can be applicable to beer worse , brewer’s grain, wood chips, sawdust, bamboo shavings, wood shavings,barley straw, wheat straw, rice straw, sorghum straw, corn stalks,beans dregs, cassava dregs,bagasse,peanut vine and other material ,the moisture content 35-65% moisture materials drying.According to the characteristic of each type of biomass materials, production size, application requirements, cost control, automation degree, optimize the drying process technology such as working conditions on site.
二.Working principle Three-Cylinder Rotary Dryer:
Material with moisture 35-60% goes through the feeding device into the lining of the dryer, in order to realize the downstream drying, material inner constantly grabbed, scattered under the copy board of a spiral rolling to realize heat exchange, the material move to the other side of the lining and into the middle side, at this time going counter flow drying, material in the middle are constantly repeated by copy board, it is marching into two steps forward and one back, material in the middle is fully absorb heat coming from the inner cylinder, and absorb the middle roller heat and prolong the drying time again at the same time, at the moment dry material is at the best condition. 
      The Material go to the other side of the middle section and into the outer section, material within the outer cylinder in rectangular loop travel , in order to achieve the material moving fast to discharge roller under the effect of drying in hot air . Because of the weight other wet material can't advance rapidly drying, the material returns to this rectangular copy board with fully drying action, in this way it can achieve purpose of drying.Shaking cleaning devices are installed inside the drum to prevent material adhered with cylinder wall.
三.Hot air flow three-Cylinder Rotary Dryer:
After the blast blower air pressure into the hot blast stove burning heat, the temperature amounts to 500-800 ℃, the induced draft fan inhaled the after-drying material, moisture evaporation, temperature down to 50-60 ℃ and then discharger from the dryer, dust moisture after a cyclone dust collector, wet precipitator purification discharging beyond standard.

Flow Chart:

四.The dryer characteristics:
1.It can realize intelligent control, a key "fool" type operation, the operation parameters of automatic control, the dryer is always in the best condition to run in order to ensure stability of the wood moisture,and more energy efficient than traditional dryer.
2.Automatically remove the impurities ,deferrization , make sure the impurity not go into the process after the drying of wood.
3.Cylinder self insulation thermal efficiency can reach above 70% (traditional single drum dryer heat efficiency is only 35%), it can improve thermal efficiency by 30%.
4.Covers an area about 50%,which is lower than single drum dryer ,and civil investment reduced by about 50%.
5.The internal structure of the dryer are combined by various efficient feed plate modes, effective regulation of drying process and heat distribution, high heat utilization,waste gas discharge temperature is lower than 50℃.
6.Adopts frequency control of material flow,it can easily control the final moisture indicator according to the customer's requirements.
7.Using Modular dust collecting,dust purifying and heat recycling configuration,safe environmental protection.
8.With many kinds of new type energy-saving hot blast stove, high efficiency and energy saving, heating control, simple operation, energy consumption dropped about 30%, 20% lower power consumption, lower operating costs.
五. Technical Parameters of dryer machine:
Model DLST1409 DLST1615 DLST2010/3 DLST2210/3 DLST2510/3 DLST2512/3 DLST2912/3
Drum evaporation area (㎡) 21.6 40.0 62.5 70.5 83.5 108.0 120.0
Capacity(t/d) 0.45 0.85 1.35 1.44 1.76 2.10 2.50
Vaporization Capacity(t/h) 60±5%
Initial moisture(%) 12-15%(adjusting)
Final Moisture(%) 250±30℃
Total Power(kw) 34 45 78 85 110 125 135
Total Weight(kg) 15500 19500 25000 27000 35000 38000 43500
Cover Area(㎡) 5*15m 6*22m 8*18m 8*18m 10*18m 10*20m 10*22m
Working site of Rotary Dryer

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