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Peanut Peeling machine


Model YS - 300

Feeding amount of 50 (kg/s)

Total loss rate 1 (%)

Weight 185 (kg)

Voltage 220 v / 380 v

Power 3 (Kw)

Installation dimensions (1100-1200-1400 mm)

Working principle:

The peanut sheller has frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (two kinds of size), feeding hopper, vibrating screen, triangle belt wheel and its driving triangle belt. After the machine is functioning normally, the peanut is quantitatively, evenly and continuously input into the hopper, and the peanut shell is broken under the action of repeated blows, friction and impact of the rotors. Peanut kernels and the broken peanut shells under the rotation of the rotor of wind pressure and blow, through a certain aperture sieve (peanut threshing with big hole mesh for the first time, after cleaning the small fruit skin changing sieve into a small hole on the second shell), then, peanut shells, particles are rotating fan blow force, light weight of peanut shell was blown out of the body, peanut kernels by screening of vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Several requirements for using peanut sheller correctly

1. The requirement of the sheller. 1) it is clean and high in productivity. It also requires high cleanliness for the removal of the cleaner. 2) low loss rate and small crushing rate. 3) the structure is simple, reliable, easy to adjust, less power consumption, has certain universality, can remove many kinds of crops, to improve the utilization of the machine tool.

2. The requirement of peanut (skin nut). Peanut dry and wet, too dry, high crushing rate; Overwetting can affect work efficiency. The rural storage of peanut (peel fruit) is generally more dry, to make it dry and suitable for the following methods. 1) unshelled winter. Hulled before using 10 kg of warm water spray evenly on the 50 kg peel fruit, with plastic mulch around 10 hours, about 1 hour and then dries in the sun can begin hulled, other seasons with plastic mulch time of 6 hours, the rest is the same. 2) soak the dried peanut (peel fruit) in the large cistern, then remove it immediately and cover it with plastic film for 1 day, then cool in the sun and then start to peel when it is dry and wet.

3. Requirements of voltage and selection of workplace. The single phase motor should work normally, and the voltage must meet its rated voltage. Rural generally only a transformer, a village and household is located, together with the electrical wiring and circuit is not very standard, the users of its far away from the transformer voltage is insufficient, therefore, the workplace should choose close from the transformer.

Operational matters:

(1) with huller work tension, bad environment, so to join the hulling homework personnel must carry on the education of safe operation, to understand the operating procedures and safety knowledge, such as sleeve to tighten, should wear a face mask and goggles, etc.

(2) before using the sheller, it is necessary to carefully check whether the rotating and swinging parts are free of collision; Check whether the regulatory body is normal and the safety facilities are fully effective; Make sure that there is no sundries in the machine and lubricate the lubricating parts.

(3) before the sheller is turned on, the work site should be cleaned up, and the sundries not related to the husk are not allowed; Children are not allowed to play on the ground to avoid accidents.

(4) when working, feed the peanut into the roller, and the peanuts should be pushed directly into the roller. Keep stones, sticks and other hard objects in the machine.

(5) the connection of transmission belt should be strong; It is strictly prohibited to pick up the belt or contact the driving part of any object during the operation of the machine.

(6) the transmission ratio between the selected auxiliary power and the sheller should be in line with the requirements, so as to avoid the excessive speed of the sheller and the vibration, so that the parts are damaged or the fastener is loose.

(7) the sheller cannot operate continuously for a long time, and generally work for about eight hours. The machine will be shut down for inspection, adjustment and lubrication to prevent the friction of serious wear and heat distortion.

(9) the sheller should be shut down for maintenance during the operation, and the adjustment must not be taken together to avoid a larger failure.

Maintenance and maintenance:

(1) after the shell is finished, dust and debris should be carefully removed. Repaint the paint when the paint is off in the process of use.

(2) soldering and crack shall be welded.

(3) after the shell drum is repaired, the static balance shall be adjusted until the balance is adjusted.

(4) check whether the cover of the sheller is strong enough to be replaced.

(5) the maintenance is complete, the lubricating oil is added to the filling point and lubricating point, and the thread of each adjusting screw is also coated with oil and anti-rust; Place the sheller in a dry, ventilated shed, and be careful not to put clutter on the sheller to prevent deformation.

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