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Why wood pellet fuel surface is not shiny?
2016-03-02 14:25
As you know, the quality is very good with pellet fuel surface smooth, shiny. Then pellet fuel surface is roughness, no gloss, why? How to avoid such a phenomenon? We can find a cause in two ways - raw materials and pellet machines.
Raw material moisture is too high
-- If raw material moisture is too high, too much steam will increase the inter-molecular distance, the influence of heat conduction, reducing the molding temperature, crude fiber is not easy to soften, the adhesive force of raw materials decreased.
-- High moisture content also increases the pellets exposed to radial forces, while also increasing power consumption, resulting pellet cracking, rough surface.
-- High moisture not only affect the production rate but also affect the pellet making rate. While heating the steam generated in the process can not be discharged water from the mold, it will greatly shorten the life span of the pellet mill.
-- To solve this problem is to dry the raw material, the raw material moisture should be controlled between 14% -20%.